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recent client love

“Danielle is a beam of light that has helped me navigate significant changes in my business and my personal life. She listens with great care and probes a bit to get details that I didn’t even know were important. It is in this dialog that answers and clarity blossom and the path forward becomes clear.

Danielle has helped me see that I am the master of my destiny and that I can craft my mix of work and personal priorities in whatever way makes sense for me. I have become clearer, more confident and more grounded because of the work we have done together.

I recommend Danielle’s coaching to anyone who wants to tap into, understand and manifest their desires. Often this is the boost one needs to move from dreaming to doing. Danielle will help you craft a plan and get on with turning your desires into your reality.”
— Christine Walker
“Working with Danielle is like working with a trusted, good friend who has your back and also, more importantly, has the experience and knowledge to steer your life and career in the right direction based on your individual desires.

She helps you realize your dreams by uncovering your blocks, so you have a clear path to happiness and success.”
— Liz Jenks